Anonymous asked: i noticed something.. i think per used to bite his nails hehe

I never noticed that before, that’s really interesting!

Anonymous asked: do you think that if it were the other way round, and pelle had found euronymous' dead body in the house .. he would have done the same thing?

Hmm, i’m not really sure. They didn’t like each other that much at that point, so I feel Dead probably would have felt some sort of relief if he found Euro’s body like that. But, I don’t think he would have went so far as to take pictures of it.

I think he would have looked at it for a while, just to study it, though.

Anonymous asked: i was just reading recent answers and came across the showering/hair q... i never felt his hair was greasy or looked dirty. is this really something people agree on? hmmm im not sure to me his hair always looks very soft and flowy

A lot of people I’ve talked to think that his hair looks greasy. I think it wasn’t extremely greasy, but to be honest in some pictures it does look as if he didn’t wash it for a few days. Not all pictures look like that, but it’s really evident in some.

Plus your hair can still look soft, even if you took a few days in between showering. It mostly depends on how healthy your hair is.

Anonymous asked: I think about him all the time... I feel like I can relate to him completely. Sometimes I have dreams where I talk to him and I wish they were real. I feel like I'm slowly becoming like him.

I can understand that you relate to him, many people do. It’s alright to look up to him.

But I will tell you this. Don’t try to force yourself to become like him. Even though many admire him, I think we can all agree that his life was not a good life. He was a depressed individual. Don’t allow yourself to get to that state, please. Dreams are ok, but if you feel like it’s taking over your life or making your personality change, please seek help with someone.

It’s alright to find comfort in him, but don’t try to become him. If he helps you through bad times, then that’s good. Just don’t try to change yourself completely.